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Property valuation is not as straight forward as you may think. A valuation is a complex issue where many factors have to be taken into account.
Independent valuations can only be performed by a chartered surveyor. Although estate agents can provide you with a guide as to what somebody may pay for your property they cannot be relied on to provide objective and accurate valuations.
It is possible to for non-professionals to do their own valuations. The three theoretical approaches to determining the value of a house are:
The cost approach
The comparable sales method [...]
There is a new breed of estate agents that are now offering a cheaper alternative to using a traditional estate agent.
We have identified five distinct advantages of using an online estate agent:
Low Fees
Traditional estate agents are burdened with high street rents and rates and are have systems which are labour intensive. These costs are passed onto the vendor with fees averaging between 1.5 and 2% for selling your property. Online estate agents however, are often low cost operations and are able to pass huge savings to customers as a result with many charging as little as 600 to sell your property online. In many cases this will result in fee savings totaling thousands of pounds [...]
When you are considering real estate investments, you must first if you want to buy to become a landlord or if you want to buy and sell on a regular basis. If you are interested in property management, then you will then need to decide what types of properties you want to manage. People of all types need rental properties, so no matter what you choose, you should be able to make a nice profit. Just be sure you don't overextend yourself on maintenance or renovations, and you won't have anything to worry about.
The first type of housing is single-family homes. These are the houses you see in any neighborhood, meant to be home to only one household. There are several levels, however, from inexpensive or even Section 8 housing to executive homes meant for traveling or contract businesspersons [...]

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